Thursday, January 10, 2008

Chicken n' Waffles

Upon passing you might think Roscoe's is a church, with its high steeple, its practitioners waiting outside, and its almost home-like interior with winding stairs. But in this church, they worship the chicken and waffle god. They pray by eating all the fried chicken, gravy, grits and waffles they can devour. Upon entering, chicken is the defining iconography at this cathedral of fryness. They have chicken statues, chicken printed curtains, chicken menus and also the main star, FRIED CHICKEN.
I have heard of Roscoe's inconsistency with the dryness of their fried chicken or the sometimes-soggy waffles. Despite my worries and anticipation, I found that the chicken had a crunchy crispy and flavorful exterior, with a tender and moist interior. The waffles also were crisp yet fluffy. They are presented on two separate plates. But don’t let this fool you, they were meant to be eaten together. The combo is what is important. You can’t have one with out the other, like the trinity, you need chicken, waffle and maple syrup. It creates an addictive tasty balance of salty and sweet, crunchy and fluffy. Roscoe’s sides are not what you are coming here for. If you are, DON’T! The place is called Roscoe’s Chicken n’Waffles for a reason. So get what the chicken and waffle lord wanted you to get, and you will be plenty satisfied.
Yes, the wait is long. And I wondered if it would live up to the legacy. But in looking back, it would not have mattered if it weren't delicious. Chicken and Waffles has become an experience, an integral part of how I see Americana. By the numbers waiting, I can see its importance is not limited to myself. For many of us, we love fried food and sweet syrupy goodness, but I love even more getting the feeling of taking part in a tradition.

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