Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Quest for the Almond Croissant

Ever since I praised the Almond Croissant from Taralucci e Vino in the east village (1st Avenue at the corner of 10th street). I have been unable to attain the flaky golden crescent. I feel as if my word of mouth traveled too quickly. No longer can I savor the double baked goodness, the sweet almond interior, or the crispy almonds on top.
Apparently, a mysterious lady, I will name her Ms. Almond Snatcher comes in every morning and robs me of my mouthly pleasures. From the store officials, she comes in and buys six of the croissants leaving the rest a measly few. Since these luxurious pastries can only be made from day old croissant* there is a limited amount. How can I reclaim what is MINE. How can I get one of these delights I foolishly proclaimed as the “superior pastry.” I should have never told a soul…

How can I get the Almond Croissant?

Plan 1: I could wake up earlier, and walk the 5 blocks to get the croissant.
Plan 2: I could track down Ms. Almond Snatcher. Leave menacing notes about how if she keeps buying soo many she will turn into almond. And I will threaten that I will take this matter up with the authorities, the cops. They care about pastries; they understand the value of these morning treats!

After long debate, I will go with plan 1, even though plan 2 is far more exciting, the probability of me getting the croissant seems more unlikely and to be honest more time consuming.
So this morning, I got up early…earlier than usual and got one of these delightful almond croissant. Successful Quest, INDEED!!

Now if I could just get some sort of delivery system…..

*You are wondering why they use day old pastries? No, this isn’t a rip off. They slice open the croissant, spread a thin layer of marzipan in it and sprinkle with almonds. Then it goes back into the oven where it crisps up. It is actually the reason I like them more than a regular croissant: EXTRA CRISPY AND ALMONDY SWEET!!

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GrantProSearch said...

The problem with limited supply is always to figure out a democratic way to get your demand recognized. 5 AM seems pretty early so I can only assume these are dynamite croissants. A very entertaining review!