Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dynamo Donuts

Dynamo Donuts doesn’t refer to the décor or the smooth and creamy lattes but the explosion of flavor on your taste buds. Located in the mission district, this little donut/coffee stand is making quite the name for itself. A large stainless steal espresso machine sits on top chocolate colored tiles and a mossy green border. Three glass cake holders display the three flavors of the day. The idea is simple: great coffee and amazing donuts. These donuts are made with organic ingredients and possess an artisanal quality to them.

Today: Lemon thyme, Spicy Chocolate and my personal favorite Banana de leche.

Lemon Thyme was a yeast donut containing a light lemon flavor and a sprinkling of thyme in the dough. It had a lemon glaze with an herby undertone. Light and delicious

Spicy Chocolate a chocolate cake donut, which was ultra moist coated in sugar, spices and a bit of salt. A nice smokiness from the spice came through and worked well with the deep rich chocolate.

Banana de leche a yeast donut that was uncompromisingly fluffy rolled in sugar and filled with fresh sliced bananas and de leche. Oh so good.

The latte was equal to these all start donuts, creamy and frothy comparable to Blue Bottle.

We went very early in the morning before heading to the farmers market so there was no line; but be advised, I heard it gets crowded. Dynamo Donut is similar to Donut Plant (NYC) but quintessentially San Francisco, having exotic flavor combinations and serious coffee blending into the façade of the mission.

Dynamo Donuts and Coffee
2760 24th Street
(between Hampshire St & York St)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 920-1978


Brian Neil said...

Donuts have definitely changed. Maybe there needs to be a new category for such different "donuts". How about regular versus gourmet donuts?

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

OOh, the banana de leche sounds so so good and great coffee with a great sweet just makes my day.

cook eat FRET said...


i am so very very very jealous

and relieved that place does not exist here as i'd weigh 300 lbs...

Harry McGuire said...

Find your Blog interesting and inspiring. Will write more after I visit Hog Island Oyster and Dynamo Donuts.

MrOrph said...

Wow! This ain't your average Krispy Kreme!

I'm with Fret, I'd be as big as a house if we had one of those here.