Tuesday, November 10, 2009

MangerLaVille proud to announce QuicheQuiche

While I do like writing on my blog, I love cooking far better. Sometimes I would rather not deal with computers at all, but spend all my hours cooking and baking. Due to my high entrepreneurial spirit, I have a new food venture. Quiche Quiche provides seasonal quiches and salads. Check out my website www.quichequiche.com. Quiche Quiche is also working with www.mealnextdoor.com providing delicious weekday lunches. You can order directly on the site and we deliver to all San Franciscans. I am very excited about this project and I look forward to cookin' up some great lunches. If you don't live in the SF, tell a friend who does.
Here is a nice quiche picture for all of you to lust after.


Max said...

hella like

Elra said...

I wonder who wouldn't want this? Look so delicious.