Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What goes good with wine: SNOW BUNNY

I ventured off to my first wine tasting this weekend after turning the infamous 21. Following the Russian river in search of great pinots, we passed by redwood trees, sunbathers and lots of tie-dye. Our first stop was Arista winery, which presented us with a smooth pinot. Then, it was Rochioli. Last week I drank one of their pinots that was quite good, but this one was lack luster. Our last winery was De La Montanya, while unimpressive at first; one by the name of Sybil was quite the seductress.
So what do you do after a long day of wine tasting in 104 degree whether?

GO GET SOME SNOW BUNNY! While the name is fitting for the hot conditions (wouldn’t we all love a soft but cold bunny to hold), this frozen yogurt stand is a well-appreciated treat.
Yeah, it puts Pink Berry to shame. But that’s what you would expect when it is made with delicious Strauss organic yogurt. It is creamy, refreshing yet quite light. Plus snow bunnies line the walls painted in bathtubs and on ski slopes.
The chocolate wasn’t too intense but wasn’t lacking in flavor like Mr. Softee (not that there is anything wrong with the beloved ice cream truck).
They have a weekly special flavor; last week, it was coconut. Seems fitting since I just made a coconut cake. But I opted for chocolate with raspberry sauce. But I asked to taste everything. I mean, wouldn’t you?
Now, I know Healdsburg is a bit out of the way, but you can make a day out of it. Picnic at the Russian river, hit a few wineries, visit Downtown Bakery in Healdsburg, the one in Ferry Market that makes the scrumptious donut muffin (a muffin that is very tender with cinnamon sugar topping) and then indulge in some frozen yogurt. Yogurt doesn’t have to be the main attraction, but it can be the cherry on top!


hms said...

Love the title! Wish I were in CA to sample the wines and the Snow Bunny. Chocolate would have been my choice as well.

Manger La Ville said...

Well, you have a permanent invite to CA with your family. Chocolate must run deep in our veins.

Cynthia said...

Enjoyed your review! You make everything sound so good. I loved the chocolate and caramel sauce @ Snow Bunny.

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

Happy 21st! Enjoy!

madame artsy said...

snow bunny is sooo delicious, I couldn't agree more. mmmmmmm.